Juxtapoz Magazine . April 2006 . Cover Story by Annie Tucker

"Chris Lundy’s paintings, streaks of liquid light hurry across washes of color, interrupting the distant horizon with their frenetic path through space and time.Individual water droplets reflect the secrets of an enchanted universe below sea level, and luminous archways create a temporary gateway through which many surfers have traveled to their own version of Mecca. An avid surfer since childhood and a resident of Oahu since 1974, Lundy has parlayed his own experiences in Hawaii’s legendary big waves into visual narratives that resonate even with the non-aquatically oriented set. A combination of formal artistic training, keen obsevation of movement, light and form, and pure passion for the medium has set Lundy up with the tools to portray each water formation as part achitechtural construct, part place of worship and part living, breathing organism, that is sometimes playful, other times ferocious." . . . Annie Tucker takes a look inside the barrel."